Категория: Спасяваме животи
Отбор: Stork
Slack: Doichin
Има нужда от: Медик, доктор, микробиолог

Описание: Chloroquine (CQ) phosphate and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) are promising drugs in fighting Covid-19. Several studies from China and France have shown H/CQ potent effect against Covid-19 in vitro and in vivo. Interest in the drug leads to severe shortages world wide affecting also patients with other illness treated with it. H/CQ also have a number of potential side effects, including severe, which makes them unsuitable for long term use against Covid-19 prevention.
The idea is to investigate the effect of cheap and highly available natural substances with analogous principle of action and much lower risk on the prevention of Covid-19.

Решение: Zinc has marked antiviral activity, incl.against SARS-Cov-2, attributed to it's ability to disrupt the incell RNA polymerase replication of the viruses.

The promising effect of H/CQ is attributed on several pathways, one of which is its Zinc ionophore binding properites, yielding sufficient incell Zinc concentrations.

Green tea is potent antimicrobial and anti inflammatory natural substance. Green tea catechin EGCg is a natural Zinc binding ionophore effectively increasing incell Zinc concentrations.

Since both Zinc and EGCg are natiral cheap and widely available substances with many benefits and very low risk profile even when taken for long time, the idea is to evaluate their effect to prevent Covid-19 on high risk groups.